Photoshop Actions

just gonna put these up here so others can benefit from them its a few photoshop actions that i have been working on to help with ship image creation. right now there is just 2 actions in the set the first one will take a ship image and make a decent fire image for use as the background to damaged sections. the second will auto cutout random sections darken the hull and put the fire in the back. below is a sample of what each action does first image is the normal ship. second image is the flame image from the first action. and the third image is what it looks like after the 2nd action is run. Edit* added an image showing what it looks like by hand so you can see the difference between that and the auto generator.

action set preview

damage painted by hand

to use it all you do is start with 1 layer which is your ship image named “layer 0” run the first action “ship to damaged colors” and now you will have 2 layers ship on top and the flame colors underneath. you can now cutout chunks or do whatever you like. or immediately run the second action to auto damage the ship. one good thing to know is if you dont like the damage that was generated if you reset the image and run it again it will generate different damage every time. i personally only use the first action as i like the better results i can get from damaging the ship by hand but if your lazy or dont have the time or skills then i made the auto action for you. i will be working on them as well refining them and trying to get the auto damage to look more like how i do it by hand.

anyways heres the link to the action set made using cs4 but i dont think i use anything specific to that version should work in any version of cs as long as you have the filter gallery.

frankly, the hand drawn looks better to me! =p

Nice work tho!

yeah hand drawn is much better ill work on the action a bit more to see if i cant get it to work better but the fire image one is very useful specially when you have 30+ ships that your working on. all the ships i have done for the mod Lonestar and I are working on I have hand done all the images. Takes a long time though so if i can get a decent auto action going it would be very useful.

Has anyone else used it at all? what do you think? suggestions for things you would like automated?

is there a way to make this work with gimp?

unfortunately no. at least i dont think that gimp has any kind of automation or batch processing capabilities. i might be able to turn it into a filter of some kind though. i will look into it.

The Gimp has a scripting language called Script-Fu, it’s a dialect of Scheme. I don’t know what the photoshop scripting language is so I can’t comment on how easy or difficult it would be to convert.

any luck on the gimp convert?