picking a sucessor

Hitting the end of your final term and being booted out of the game to the main menu is a bit of a downer (that politics for you) Maybe to spice it up:

1 - At the start of your final term you pick a successor from your cabinet - your final election result is then determined on your performance AND your successor’s experience, and the interest groups s/he represents and their opinion of you - ie picking a minister who supports liberals will boost liberal opinion of the government. Also picking a Minister with low experience/efficiency has an overall negative effect.

Was going to consider loyalty as an aspect, but realistically anyone you pick for the top job is going to remain loyal to you : ) although maybe the other Ministers will lose some loyalty, with a possible resignation having the usual negative effects.

Firing your successor mid term and picking another is a very bad thing to do (similar to Ministerial resignation but worse) - and firing a successor and entering the final election without one is automatic loss (because of the constitution).*

2 - At the end of a final successful term in government, a nice page which lists your successes (positive outcomes which you developed, negative ones you removed) highest ratings etc with those fireworks, to make you feel all warm inside.

Just a thought.

*Unless you’ve won the ‘Police State’ award - in which case you can play indefinitely :smiling_imp:

I like the idea of a final tally of some sort, w/ fireworks. Then again, I haven’t actually bought the game yet. I’ve just played the demo. I won’t buy the game for a few days yet. (Odd as it may sound, it isn’t in my budget at the moment, but will be imminently.) I’ll have a more informed opinion once I’ve gotten to play a game through!