Pile of 1.04 feedback

It’s only 980 words this time. :-/

I find the hum on the research screen rather off putting. As is the “installing R&D slot” sound.

If a research space is under the bottom scroll bar, and you hover over the scroll bar over the research space, the tooltip appears and you can click on the research. That’s unexpected. You can see the hover issue here. It’s not clear, but my cursor is distinctly on the scrollbar.

Items in the research screen which are available to research have a grey background, but that says “disabled, not selectable” to me. Perhaps a white background for those? Icons (✓ for completed, ⯃ (octagon/stop sign) or ✘ for not yet available) may be a useful way to reinforce the colors.

The Financial Dept overview screen doesn’t seem to update very often. I’d like to be able to watch short term movements on the graphs and perhaps the table of numbers. Perhaps the update frequency is tied to how the financial simulation is managed?

For much the same reason, I’d like if the Financial Dept didn’t darken the background, and was movable. I’d like to occasionally just watch the financials and a bit of my factory running the in background.

Current cash on hand isn’t visible in Financial Dept. Perhaps either on the Overview page, on the far right of the “Overview” title. Or perhaps immediately to the right of the most recent data point on the cash-on-hand graph, in which case, abbreviated in the same way the axis labels are.

In a big factory at 3x speed, the “resource spent” bubbles are visually overwhelming. When fully zoomed out it’s basically just visual noise. Not sure what to do about this, as I do like the bubbles. Perhaps fade them out much more aggressively? We may just need an option to disable them. Example of noise.

Relatedly, it seems dd for resource spent bubbles to appear from off screen. For example, the ones on the left here floated in from off screen below.

When building a run of conveyor belts or resource conveyors, instead of creating a long row of spent-money bubbles, perhaps create a single one with the total price. Might cut down on the visual noise.

Tooltip for research “Faster resource inputs” is “Boost speed at which resource importers place resources on conveyor belts”. Should “conveyor belts” be “overhead conveyors”?

I can close the Slots and Car Stock/Sales dialogs by clicking the button that opened them. It would be nice if all dialogs could be dismissed this way. Efficiency and Financial Dept are the most obvious, since the button is still visible.

I feel like clicking on the power usage should show me… something. Power usage over time, divided into paid and self-generated, maybe? Usage by Slot? Admittedly, I can’t actually imagine using this information, but it seems odd since the rest are clickable.

Visual Glitch: Occasionally the last data points in the global efficiency display stretch all the way to the right edge of the screen. I can’t reliably reproduce it, but it happens a fair amount. Opening and closing other dialogs, especially Financial Dept, seems to clear it, at least briefly.

Visual Glitch: Global efficiency pie chart occasionally has a white line between two sections (Between blue and gold/green, at 12:00), and regularly has little white speckles (Between blue and dark pink; you’ll need to zoom in).

I have a read hard time associating the colors in the global efficiency charts and their labels. Something to make the association clearer would be nice: put the labels in the areas (tricky for narrow areas), lines connecting the label to the zone, or just label the zone I’m hovering the cursor over.

If you’re in the R&D screen when research completes, it jumps you back to the top of the screen instead of holding your position.

If I’m not in the R&D screen, and I’m taken to it by the “Research Complete” dialog, it would be nice if it scrolled to the just completed research, both to provide context and because often I’ll want to drill deeper down the same tree.

When hoving over upgrades in either the Choose Upgrades dialog or the installed list for a slot, new components (like In-Car Music) say “Speed: (+500.00)”. I don’t know why it’s in parenthesis. I don’t know what “+500.00” means in this context; it certainly isn’t seconds.

Why is Heater part of “Fit Seats”? Heated Seats make sense, but Heater seems more Engine or maybe Body.

On the save screen, default the cursor to the edit box so I can immediately start typing a new name.

I do really appreciate the auto-saves.

Cars complaining why they can’t progress are nice. It would be nice to get preemptive warnings about nonsense layouts (backward conveyors, missing conveyors, slots in wrong order.) In one case I missed a single slot in a very tightly packed section of factory, and didn’t discover it until a car reached that point, and which point I had to destroy a lot of slots for the rebuild.

I can buy disconnected sections of factory. Not harmful, just seems weird. I guess hypothetically if it has both an import and export location, I could build a tiny self-sufficient factory in there.

I built some manufacturing slots. They complained “No Route to Stockpile,” which seems fair enough. But once I connected it to the local resource conveyor network, it continues to complain until it had built at least one part. Example.

Matching common scroll bar behavior, I’d expect page up and page down to move an entire screen in vertical scrolling lists (Slots and Research). Currently it does nothing. Similarly, I’d expect clicking on the elevator shaft to move an entire screen; currently it moves a small amount, perhaps the same amount as clicking on the arrows.

Just FYI: the numbers on the slots for components like +500 for In-Car Music, (as per your example), is 500 milliseconds, or 0.5 sec.

I just have a small 1.04 feedback, which is positive : now the resources which are conveyed to station and the order it’s made is WAY better, since it no longer bother if the station storage is full or not, but batches are made the right way. Stations are now much more efficient.