Pill Printer does not always increase combined value by 20$.

[SOLVED]: Combined Value is affected by Cure Rating, as visible by hovering the cursor over the number.
Would love to change the subject to include [SOLVED] as well.

Started a game on Intermediate - “Keep calm and carry on”.

Created a bunch of products, all pills. Supposedly, the pills cost 20$ in production cost and the CV goes up by 20$, so the difference for simple products between CV and effect value should be 20$. No Research Points spent on Pill Printer.

Some products receive the effect. (Asthma Pill going from 270$ to 290$. Migraine 211 to 231. Contraceptive from 242 to 262.)
Some products do not. (Antibiotic from 240$ to 247$. Cold from 102 to 116.)
Some products benefit more than they should. (Cough Pill from 111$ to 138$.)

So this seems inconsistent. I’d like to know why but could not find answers so far or a hint of this being intended.

Attached Savegame as 7-zip.
Savegame.7z (144 KB)

Thanks for this, I haven’t checked the save file yet but will once I get back in the office tomorrow. I’ll report back with my findings.

OK checked it out. Everything is working correctly. If you select a pill on the production tab you will get a little window popping up in the top-right of the screen. If you hover over “Combined Value” you will see a breakdown of what leads to the current value.

You’ll see that the Pill bonus of +$20 is being applied correctly but you are suffering from a negative modifier due to the “Cure Rating”. This rating is determined by how effective your drug is and by how many side-effects it causes.

You can see what is leading to the Cure Rating by hovering over the corresponding column on the company tab.

Hope that clears things up. :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks. I was stupid enough not to hover over the number to get a tooltip. Problem solved. Cheers.