Pilots vs Crew in campaign

When playing campaign I often have to much pilots. This is due to my playstyle; I try to use fighters only for support and defense, not as the main attacking force.

Having hundreds pilots available but no more crew is crazy. I could imagine that someone that uses a lot of fighters has the inverse situation, where he has no more pilots but a lot of crew remaining (I’m guessing).

I have an idea to solve this ‘problem’.

  • Add 1 global modifier for adjusting the output of all Academies: More Pilots - Default - More Crew (see picture for details)

The configuration file of academies could look like this:

typename = “largeacademy”
guiname = “Large Naval Academy”
description = “A major naval school which generates a large number of fresh naval trainees each week for use as ships crew.”
iconid = 5
hideficon = “facility_largeacademy.dds”
class = “ACADEMY”

0 = crew_per_turn,118,128,138
1 = pilots_per_turn,13,12,11[/code]
Now that I’ve drawn and written all this stuff, I don’t know if it’s really necessary. I could mod the config files myself to fit my playstyle… but then it would be static and not adjustable ingame…

This is an awesome idea.

Late in the game I end up with a scenario where I have 1000+ crew and pilots but not enough money to build ships for them. In my opinion, factories don’t give enough cash to support the huge fleet sizes needed mid to late game.

As far as pilots vs crew, I think it’s part of a larger problem of not having any control over what buildings planets have. E.g. you can’t invest in a planet to produce more crew. Most of the campaign for me is just pushing the next turn button until I have a suitable steamroll fleet.