Piracy and ordering

I bought your product and I gotta say it is doubtful that I will buy another product from you guys again since it takes forever for you to process the order. It just makes wish I had just pirated the game. What good is digital download if you have to wait days to get your product. The company you go with just sucks, you should switch to steam.

Oh well Maybe my order will process by tomorrow.


Funny, I ordered the game in the middle of the night and got a keycode literally within minutes

why not email us? if there is a problem, email us and we will sort it out immediately.
plus, for the ten millionth time. I WANT MY GAMES ON STEAM. They are not interested. Stop acting like steam is some open source product you can click a button and get listed on. It is not. It is a private company who decides what games they want to sell.
BTW how long did it take for you to get your download? You are seriously saying it took over 24 hours?

this guy is an idiot. Also the steam thing is old. If you want positech games on steam then start hasseling Valve. If enough of us hassle then maybe it will happen! Also, you should have emailed or posted on the forums earlier because positech customer support is good. And Piracy is not good, especially for well made indy games.

Which strikes me as strange. Democracy 2 is a great game. It definitely belongs there. If that rag-doll kung fu game is up there, then a game with some actual depth should be as well.

Oh well. Screw them. (o: Perhaps you would be able to create your own steam-like alternative? Get together with a few other indie dev companies, make some sort of joint venture. Eventually other people would come along for the ride - charge a listing fee and a small percentage of the sales for the time and effort of maintaining the software. What do you think? The market is better with competition, anyways.

In any case, I also had zero problems with my order. The email came within minutes. Perhaps something was wrong with the OP’s information; mistyped credit card number or something like that. There’s certainly something wrong with his manners. :op

I had zero problems too.

Idea of having GOOD indie companies on the same digital distributor is great.
BTW Cliff’s games are already in impulse which is an alternative to steam. I heard about democracy etc. there. It’s an elephantine program; good thing gets updated very often that it annoys me having to restart everyday. I hope Impulse turns into something attractive and calls out to the Indie devs.

my games are on gamers-gate too, and Kudos 2 is already planned to be there once it’s released.

I bought Democracy 2 via Stardock’s Impulse. Apart from them being a bit slow with the updates, I’m very happy. I prefer them over Steam anytime.

Admitting to wishing to steal on the game creators website takes some nerve. x.x

Anyhow, how long has it actually been?

Screw Valve. Those guys are a bunch of… ah, nevermind.
Anyway, I was going to mention Gamers-gate, but I see that you’re already with them. GG is just going to become huge (it is already), and I’m betting that Valve is going to slowly die out anyway.
Paradox actually understands indie development anyway, since they are (proto-) indie themselves.

I had some issues with Democracy 2 over Impulse, which is why I bought Kudos 2 directly from here. I’d recommend buying direct from cliffski over Impulse.