Pirates of Galaxon Beta - Teaser!

They’ve captured the foxes.

What will they capture next?!?!!!?

I’m actually not sure what I’m looking at here… What has changed? Big laz0rz?

Skulls and crossbones on the ships! I’ve done the first graphical mod! ;_;

Oh, why does no one care. Weep.

If I don’t have those textures on my machine, will they even show up?

Lets just leave Omnitronic in his “crazy corner” while he speaks of these “mods” he’s made…

They will when I release the mod and you download it. It’s an ‘extra files in the game directory’ scenario. So… not until they’re on your machine, no! But it’s awesome anyway!

You doubt my mods.


All hail the bunny overlord!

Playboy corporate HQ – in SPAAAAACE!

Edit: Demz sum big ol’ turrets thar.

Two screenshots from my upcoming (probably quite soon) mod.