PKG in Mac mods

How do I go about making the pkg files [needed] for Mac mods? I get the other files, but the package part is where I’m lost.

The package files are located in GSB\data\packages
To get an idea on what is contains open it in a text editor

For example
The unit.pkg has the following:

[config] name = gsb_unit uiname = "Uni-T Expansion Pack"
Based on my knowledge:
name is a combination of “gsb_” and what ever you have called your race in the race file
UI name is whatever you want to be displayed for online challange (ie what DLC you have)
But i rarely play online challanges so my knowledge is limited

I was unaware that the Mac version needed the PKG files :confused:
but then again i know very little about Mac’s.

No, it doesn’t need them. I quoted need in the sense of a downloadable game thereso. Now, another question, I have the Humble Bundle version, so it’s just sitting in my Applications folder. Any idea where custom ships are saved to?

  1. In the Humble Bundle version of GSB, for the Mac, where are custom ships saved to?
  2. How do I play custom campaigns/missions? (Like the ones downloaded here)

Try here Mac file locations

With great skill and reckless abandonment of people that crew the ships . . (touch of luck helps as well)
Also dependant on which one you downlaoded

It is relatively easy and is unneeded if you aren’t going to make any scenarios.

Open textedit and type the following:

[config] name = race name (name that appears on the main mod folder) uiname = "race name" (that you want shown to the player)

Save it with the name of your race (again, as it appears on the main mod folder).

Change the extension from “.txt” to “.pkg”

Place it into the pkg folder where the rest are.

And that is all!

(It tells the game where to pull ships from during scenarios that feature your race)

Ohh, okay, thanks. I always thought it was some kind of standard pkg .