Placeable import/export windows

For a steep cost and I do mean steep, because it would help out so much, I was thinking having the ability to add more imports and exports along the walls, especially for ultra large factories like myself. Maybe even having floor imports? It would be importing up from the basement storage, many factories today have that so more production can be spread out and not crammed against the walls.

That would be awesome! Number of importers is what is currently limiting my factory.

Also I really want to build in the center of the factory and not be stuck to the walls…


don’t have problems with the number of importers. I think this is part of the chellenge.
The situation gets better as soon as you produce your own components like tires, door panels, windows & valves.

And: If you are not pleased with the presets you may create your completely own factory. The scenario creator is atm (1.06) hard to handle but dontpanic described how to make your own by using just a text editor like notepad:

Kind regards

I worked at baxter labs and we had our supplies come mostly from the basement, not many overhead dangers. I worked the CNC, it was cool seeing parts come flying up from the floor at mach 1 while you do your parts, and watch it go back into the floor when you’re done if the next line is far away. The whole basement was the storage/sorting facility. We made medical equipment but same kind of assembly line.