Planetary Defense doesn't work!

Anyone else with the same problem?

“Planetary defense” doesn’t work on WinXP with DirectX 9, closes without further information (PD encountered a problem yadayada)

If trying to run in “Compatiblity Mode” doesnt’ work either but with different error:
Possibly you do not have version 7 or later of DirectX

I’m a bit pissed because I bought PD along with Kudos 2 without trying it out (half-price … nice)
Butt selling a game that doesn’t work is still prettty bold
… or is this a problem with just my PC?


The game does work, under directx9 on vista and xp. It will not work if you have a video card that cannot display nonsquare textures. Some cards, especially some of the lower-end ones on laptops, cannot do this. Generally these are intel cards.

I’ve got an NVidia 8800 GTS.
3 years old now, but still wouldn’t say low-end.
Possible problem with that?

That’s the exact same card I have, and develop the games on, so it MUST work. It could well be a buggy, outdated or corrupt driver for the card, so some other software causing a conflict. Have you tried running it in windowed mode?


I have the same problem. Planetary Defense Demo and the full version do not start. I get the same kind of error messages. I am using a german XP SP3 and an ATI Radeon X1650 card with drivers 8.591.0.0 from 25.02.2009. Should this work?
I tried windows mode and full screen with the same crashing results…


I get the same error, pretty much. Now, my graphics card isn’t all that new, and the drivers are definetly not up-to-date (the last two “new” versions usually caused more trouble than they solved) but normally, it should run. I’d be thankful for any ideas on how to possibly solve this.

I have a Geforce 6800 card and the game doesn’t work either.

Could you please try to find some kind of solution? Otherwise I have wasted my money on this game. It would be cool if you test it again and try to modify it so that it runs under xp. If you can’t fix it you should’t sell it.

Isn’t it what demos are good for? Making an opinion about the game, and making sure your rig can run it?

Making an opinion? Yes. Checking if it runs? No. (Believe me, I’ve seen more demos with harshly different system specs and environment problems than their final/full version counterparts… it isn’t funny anymore.)
Plus: Yeah, I admit it. I got Planetary Defence for free when I bought Kudos 2 (there was that offer…)
I didn’t have time to try the demo (pretty busy at that time), so it’s my fault that the game crashes on startup, with an error message and everything?
Sorry that I thought the free-by game in an offer might run as well as the game it’s a free-by to and the newest game the same company/person is developing.


I do like indie games, and found today the promo on RPS ( regarding Democracy 2.
Then I saw the additional promo on Planetary Defense.
Damned, 2 original indie games in promo. Let’s test that before. :slight_smile:

Well… :frowning: Unfortunately both gave me dirextX 7 strange error messages (For Planetary, ‘Possibly you do not have version 7 or later of DirectX. You can download… Function: [CreateTextureFromFile]’).
I have a regular Nvidia Mobile 9500GT, all drivers up to date, that runs more or less everything.

I just can’t buy games for which demos fail, too bad the promo is only today.
Indie scene is moving fast, I can’t buy all cool looking indie games.

Promos are cool, but please check that demos are still working on regular usual current PC config.

If anybody has hints regarding that, I’ll try again, but currently it’s one potential sad lost sale (for the moment).

Thanks for your help… :slight_smile:

Planetary Defense works just fine for me in win xp pro with the latest directx 9.0C and I’m using a compaq laptop with Geforce 8200M graphics…so it must be the drivers or your directx not being updated…

I bought planetary defense when I bought GSB yesterday and am encountering the same problem. I am using windows 7 and have NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS. Direct x is up to date too but the game still gives the same error message when I try to play.

Doesn’t work for me either.

Card is an ATi Radeon x1950, driver version 9.2, so from last year I think, updating it at the moment, just to be sure.
Perhaps trouble with the German language?

And for those sprouting about demos and stuff… is there a demo for planetary defense?
GSB runs fine, btw.

I have the same DirectX7 errors. Windows 7 64bit Premium. I have an Nvidia gts360m on a new Toshiba Qosmio X505.

My best guess right now from reading this is that (some of) the drivers from nvidia are no longer fully supporting directx7.

I think Cliff is correct for the games that for an outright crash, buggy drivers are at fault. But if the game is making API calls to an interface and the function is not present, even to the point the game is asking if you have directx 7 installed that’s not a bug but a missing feature from either windows itself or the driver. I got planetary defense as part of the discounted bundle myself (with GSB) so never tested the demo.

Cliff as a developer and game company could you direct the question to Nvidia as to if they support the api calls you are making under DX7 on all video cards? I understand that is seems like it should work but the DX7 API is 10yrs old and some manufacturers may have not tested it. If the driver is buggy then how is the manufacturer supposed to know unless the developer doesn’t report the issue? If this were access violations or crash dumps I could understand the position that it could be very specific to a driver or specific hardware setup but I would submit a missing API call might be a bigger issue.

I would love to play the game.

Hey, try setting your Windows language settings to English (USA) or English (GB). This should solve the problem. It’s caused by different number formats!