Plasma and Multi-hardpoint.

I have notice a bug.
If you put a plasma luncher on a multi-hardpoint slot, the torpedo is shot for the position of the slot rather than the multi-hardpoint one.
Is it normal?

Yes. Certain weapons do work that way when placed into a hardpoint of that type. This includes plasmas, rockets and all variety of weapons formally titled as “Missile [fill in the blank]”. Conversely, the multi-shot effect is seen with energy beam-type and bullet-type weaponry.

Well bah. That isn’t intentional. I guess that goes on the bug list…

As far as I can see, this is already fixed for missiles, but it will be fixed for plasma and limpet launchers in the next patch. Thankyou for pointing it out.

Yes it was it’s fixed, but they always shot from the same luncher…
(Yeah yeah detail…)