plasma launcher

Oke peeps a question about plasma launchers… hope im not dping now…

Is it correct to say that plasma launchers when they hit deal shield and armor damage? even when there’s enough shield power left?

I noticed this in destruction

If a ship has several shield generator modules, some of them can be knocked out before the whole system crashes. If that has happened, later shots can slip through the gaps in the shield system to damage the armor or the hull within. Like you, I see this more often from plasma fire than from other kinds of weapons, but I suspect this is simply because plasma has stats that make it more visible than do other weapons. Heavy Plasma Launchers have high shield and armor penetration and do a ton of damage with each hit, all of which make it more likely you’ll see an explosion when damage leaks through. Most other weapons are only strong against sheilds or armor, but not both, so they can’t knock down a shield module and break the armor underneath. Also, most other weapons do less damage with each hit, and so tend to deal their damage more evenly to multiple shields, resulting in the whole shield going down without as many shots slipping through.