Plasma textures

how do you put new plasma textures into the game?

You can only overwrite the old one. There is no way (up until now) to define another dds for a Plasma weapon.

As Eich said, u cant change the plasma textures, u can only replace the old one. There are some textures, like plasma and other modules that cant be changed with a customized one, only replaced.

then can you tell me the current ones? i only now fragmented and standard i dont know how to use the other 2

There are only 2 types, the portion of the texture on the right is just a part of the global texture. If u see , when u shot the fragmented style the portion of the texture on the right is acting like a trail and glowing effect.

Ohhhh…Danm!. hopefully clif will make it so we can make our own plasma textures