play formula for maintaining musicianship?

Just wondering if there is a kind of formula/trick to maintaining the level of musicianship your band will have.

It either seems they start getting too ahead of themselves and complaining about wanting better instruments if I practice too much, and if I don’t practice enough it falls dramatically to where they start to complain about not even knowing how to hold their instruments correctly rolls eyes at virtual people.

How many times (in a game week) should I be making the band practice to simply maintain the same level of musicianship and stop it from dropping. Is there a way to also maintain it at the same level without the mini-game getting harder? The mini-game isn’t my most favourite feature and it feels like the band suffer for my inadequancy to have a fast enough brain function to catch the numbers as they fly upon the screen :frowning:

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love this game but really can’t seem to figure this out.

um well thats one of the bad things about the game, you will practice musicianship then go away to attend other duties (publicising, rehearsal) and you come back even two days later and the percentage has dropped dramatically, hopefully clifski brings out a patch but until then your gonna have to find a way to practice everyday and get 100% every time ( or it will go down)

or just wait for rock legend two which hopefully wont have this awful mini game

Yeah that’s my basic problem is that there isn’t enough time with publicity, rehearsals, hiring, and relaxing to actually maintain any kind of musicianship and it falls so dramatically even after a short time.

I start off really well, I focus on practicing, and rehearsals with only one gig every few weeks, but then the band get bored and quit - money also becomes an issue as it isn’t easily gained at this point. If ANY of the band quit because of boredom which drops the musicianship. Gaining a new band member means practicing up again but you don’t get any leeway to help gain either and the band musicianship suffers.

Then you start to do well and don’t have enough time to practice the minigame daily and their musicianship falls and the vocals become horrendous (really wish vocals didn’t fall AS WELL as musicianship). To top it off, the mini-game gets harder and harder despite the fact your band are musical novices once again by this point. I just can’t find a way to maintain it without having to practice at least three times a week and by then the mini-game is ridiculously unplayable even early on in the game. (I even tried cheating by changing the practice notes to 1,1,1,1 but it defaults around 138 BPM and then my band struggles.

Can’t win! lol. I cry here.

I’m playing several games at the moment (3 bands).

What I did with the 2nd who has turned out to be the most successful is that I practice music, then they do 3 rehearsals, then they do a gig. OVER & OVER AGAIN, unless you get a net, radio, mag, newspaper or tv appearance.

It seems to keep it going up to a point & then it kinda stays afloat in there.