Playable Local Jurisdictions?

This would probably be a long-term project (if it ever were one), but I think it might be cool to put in some non-national level governments for people to play, for example, American/Canadian States and Provinces. Most of the game mechanics would still apply, and in many cases, provinces and states have unique circumstances and laws that would be interesting to deal with/implement. Playing as one political party while the national government is run by another party with different policy goals would be interesting. I recognize that game development should probably still be focused on adding more countries and improving the player experience, but I feel like this might be a good long-term goal.


So now we have two solid ideas for DLC: this, and a new electioneering!


What do you think of this @cliffski, just in case you missed it?

To be honest, I suspect that this is outside the scope of the game I can make. It also relies on a lot of local knowledge. For example, even though I’m British, I know that the politics of Alabama skew very different to the politics of Washington state. But does the average non-American Democracy 4 player know that level of detail about US politics?

And to flip it around, whats the political difference between Surrey and the midlands in the UK? I’d be amazed if more than 5% of non British players would know.

So making the game more local would certainly be very interesting (because regional/local politics differs so much from national politics), but I’m not sure if would be commercially viable.

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Thanks for the reply! I completely agree with your point that the average player probably wouldn’t know too much about local politics, but I also think that this is true to some extent for national governments as well. I’d wager that the average Non-European player knows very little (or not at all!) about German, French, Italian, Spanish, or British politics and their nuances.

I’d wager that most Democracy players are either from North America or Europe. Most Americans and Canadians who play this game would love to see local regions added in. The game would probably play just like any other normal democracy game, just with local issues instead of national or international ones.

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Maybe we can make the UK Socialist and lavish Cliff with government grants? :smiley: