Playing Benedict again?

I like to play the same challenge several different ways. I like balanced ships (or squadrons of ships) and like to use the same ships for different battles, altering my deployment based on circumstances. Sometimes I will run a battle, than move a single ship somewhere, and run the battle again to see how it plays out.

I was bragging about my latest deployment to a friend of mine, who doesn’t play GSB as much as me. In response, he turned to me and asked, “So you’re Benedicting again, huh?” I nearly dropped my drink laughing. And so I thought I’d share it with you all, as some of you may find it funny too.

For the rest, who may need help with the reference, Benedict was a character in the classic Nine Princes in Amber series, who was one of several supernatural character with the ability to walk through Shadows, which are variant worlds of possibility.

Happy Benedicting.

Funny you should mention the Chronicles of Amber. I just recently finished the Great Book of Amber. Benedict was a very impressive character, unlike some of his other brothers and sisters. All I can say is I fear for the fleets that face you.