Playing challenges offline

Is there any way to do this? I can see the problems in terms of win/lose stats with public challenges, but I’d be happy enough just being able to send myself a few fleets to test out tactics and designs during my hour-long commute every morning. Or the ability to fight challenges you’d already beaten would be awesome.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Download a bunch of challenges when online.

When offline, go to challenges, and just tick the ‘downloaded’ checkbox. You should be able to play the challenges you have listed there. Pretty sure I played some at the airport a few days ago, anyway, while very offline. Maybe I’m imagining things xD

Yes, you are imagining things =P

Just tested, the game will crash when loading the battle after hitting the fight button.

pd. related bug report

Aha, I suspected as much. I guess I must’ve just been messing about with deployments on the single player missions.

Hmm. I guess it’s more useful to let people play offline, than it is to keep the attempts/victories counts accurate. If cliffski wanted to be really clever, he could make it remember the stuff if couldn’t update, until the next time you refresh the challenge list - then send it all at once.

Yeah, thanks for the suggestion Dogthinker but I can also confirm that it doesn’t work.

Score / win-lose memory would be a great addition. Or, again, the ability to save your own fleets in internal memory and fight them.