Playing Conservative and Patriotic

I’ve always heard from people that it’s far easier to play liberal and socialist in this game, but that’s not the case for me. I play with liberalism at 100% with America, and I always stay conservative. Also, I feel like extreme patriotism is quite easy to achieve, as evident in my latest video on the game. Do you guys try to get your nation as patriotic as possible? How do you win without getting high patriotism?

In U.S.A. mode, Democracy 3 forces you to balance your views a bit, but you can cancel very popular policies and still manage to win elections (with landslides). Just make sure you have more activists. Be aware of the Black Power Group who’ll claim you’re racist and make attempts to assassinate you. I’ve added a link to images of my election results and their breakdown for two four-year terms as The Conservatives v. The Popular Front. I tweaked the settings with minimal liberalism & socialism, but left political apathy at 50% and difficulty at 100%. Still had some trouble during the first term, but got it all cleared up in the second and retired in glory.
Best of luck!