Playing full-screen in background: a tale of two games

File this under curiosities. My video card only lets me run both Kudos and Democracy under fullscreen. But while Kudos crashes if I try ALT+TABbing out of it and back again, Democracy (just purchased!) let’s me go back and forth as needed without problems.

very strange, which card is this?

I’m running a Radeon X850. If I try removing the checkmark alongside fullscreen, under the games’ options screen, they attempt to shift mode, then return to fullscreen with the checkmark still in place.

I have never been able to get Kudos to go anything less than full screen either. Ditto on the check mark.
But alt-tab does work for minimizing.

i bet your desktop is 1024 768.
Kudos only runs in a window if your desktop is bigger than that. if it’s not, it auto toggles back to fullscreen.

That’s it, then, because my desktop is set to 1024 x 768. Small monitor, only 17". Not much space at this point to put in anything bigger, though that may change in about half a year, after we move.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Oddly enough, when I tried to set matters for 1280 x 720, Kudos closed on me with a Direct D3D Engine error.

Any possible solution to this?

I’m not sure the game really likes any res except 1024 by 768. It was designed to be fixed to that res, so I guess there may be some issues if it’s forced to a different res ;(

But you just wrote, above:

I may be misunderstanding you, but where you seem to say in the first post that Kudos only likes a res of 1024 x 768, the second post seems to say that Kudos only runs in windowed mode if I’m using a res about 1024 x 768. Those seem to contradict one another. Because I’d love to run the game in windowed mode, if possible.

I’m not explaining it very well. The game is meant to run just in 1024 768. If your windows desktop is larger than this, you can run kudos in a window on your desktop (the window will be fixed at 1024 768). If your windows desktop is 1024x768, the game will refuse to run in a window (because the window would be the same size as the whole screen).

The problem with supporting different resolutions is one of GUI design. not everything will fit in 720 ;(

So when I reset the desktop res to 1280 x 720, shouldn’t Kudos then run in a 1024 x 768 window? Because what happens, now, is that I get the error mentioned above.

I think it’s freaking out because the aspect ratio is different. if its 1280, It expects the height to be over 768. I’ll try and fix that in the next patch.

That would be great–and just in time, too, since we’re planning to upgrade soon to a reasonably-sized LCD display.