Playthroughs of Democracy 3 Africa


I’ve played through Democracy 3 Africa and died 5 times before I finally figured out Egypt. I actually died on 3 other countries but Egypt starts you out with so much power so I wanted to tackle that one. I stayed alive and discovered that when you change the Executive Term Limits in the game it will end your game on those limits. Also somehow, I ended up with over 98% State Employees in my voter groups. That was weird. But the game plays well and I plan to enjoy it even more. But I guess if I want to play around with the game some more I better not change those limits…so tempting. :wink:

May 4, 2016

So I’m updating this post to talk about another playthrough of Democracy 3 Africa. This time I played Senegal. Holy shit it was hard! I died at least 10+ times before I finally figured out how to beat it. Geez, if you’re looking for something challenging then playing Senegal is definitely awesome for that reason. I love all of the new policies that you get to play with in the game but there are none that can stop Mass Urbanization from happening once it’s started except to expand private housing when the dilemma comes up to relax planning laws and that’s only a temporary fix. Mass Urbanization is a freight train that can’t be stopped and it happened when I thought I had everything solved. I ended up with 0 Rural voters. 100% Urbanized Hi-Tech Senegal. I love how the Intellectual Property Rights works as it seems to be modeling how people continue to create new ideas and technologies as the economy type changes. So it meant that it’s easier to reach a technological advantage if you have this in place and continue focusing on Science and Technological development in your country. Awesome stuff. Awesome stuff!