Please help, cannot find my registration code

I just bought this from Direct2Drive. I don’t know where to find my registration code.
I am running 1.23 version, but I cannot find the code to use to go online.
Please help!
Del Pisca

you should get it in your e mail, but i don’t know for sure, you said you bought it from Direct2Drive.

Anyone figure this out yet? I’m in the same boat, no key on the account page in D2D, no key in the e-mail they sent, and when I ask them to re-send the info, I’m given a form letter with no info in it.


I am working the D2D Customer service. I got an email today that my problem had been sent up the line for an answer. I think that this is a D2D wide problem.

I am glad to know that I am not alone. When I hear something I will let you guys know.

I got an email from D2D. The multiplayer registration codes are now available. Just redownload the game, and the download page will have the key.

Hey sorry to necro this old thread…but I can’t find my Registration Code either:(

was it bought direct? If so its in an email, if you need it re-sent, email me at