Please help - SetDisplayMode crash :(

Hi there!

I just bought this game for my little sister’s birthday, and thought I would try it out too, as she seriously spends her every waking moment on it (okay, when she’s not at school) even when she should be studying - she LOVES it!

But…on my computer it crashes before it even loads and gives me the error that I need to come here for support…I really want to play this awesome game!

Unfortunately my sister only snarls at me when I get within three feet of her computer…

So - I’ve tried changing the config file, I’ve updated my drivers. Nothing works. I am sad.

I’m not sure if there’s a solution. I’m about ready for a computer upgrade anyway, so I might have to wait until after I do that…but I hope not…

Thanks muchly in advance - and keep up the great work!

Hmm… snarling? Your sister sounds like my younger self; anyway, I got the SetDisplay error when I tried using a resolution other than: 1280x768, 1024x768, and 800x600. Try changing to one of those and see if it works?

Still getting it, I’m afraid. To clarify - you mean changing my screen resolution, not the config file?

Thanks for your answer!

Yeah, that’s what I meant. If that didn’t fix it then I don’t know what’s wrong, I haven’t had that problem in a while. It might have also made that error when I tried setting it in windowed mode, can’t remember.

possibly its fixed by turning off advanced backgrounds in the game options (if it starts ok, but crashes later).
Or your video card may not be up to it. Is this a laptop or a monitor with an unusual screen resolution? Kudos can’t cope if your monitor height is less than 768.

Hmm… Nope it’s a PC with a regular 19" monitor, ATI 9600 graphics card, though I am running Windows ME (erk)… Never mind, I’ll see how I go when I upgrade from ME in a little while. Thanks, though!

windows ME is evil ;(

I know! I’ve had so many problems with it, so so SO many, and so I think we’ll just put this down to another one of those. My sis is running Windows XP, btw. As will I be in a few weeks, so we’ll see how I go then! I really appreciate the prompt responses to my queries, though, and from what I’ve seen you run a very awesome little games company thingy here, very awesome indeed!