please make this at least slightly realistic

WHY? oh why when i open a country do the majority of them start with about 4% approval?

an election has just taken place and the game starts just after an election…surely approval should be 51% for the first turn.

i like to take a slow game with moderate reforms, but i find that this un realistic idea of somehow getting into government of 4% of the vote means i have to push with major costly things. it is a very silly and annoying error i found with the game. how can i fix it?

Um…of course it’s a weak approval, these are more corrupt nations than America,people are suspicious about there leaders after there elected, so they need to prove themselves before they receive their approval, but the America starts with like 48% approval so that’s pretty realistic, just because you got elected won’t mean people hate your guts!

I used to think the same, then I realized something very essential to starting out with a reasonable, realistic Election Turnout %.

For example, in Freedonia, Liberal and Atheist, the default party you get is the Liberal Party, or something, and if you choose this party, you would start with ~35%-~40% to start with, whereas if you choose the National Front Party in Freedonia, you would start with an incredibly low Election Turnout %.

Theoretically, you should select a Party that coincides with the original politics of your country, and/or, if the politics of the country you selected doesn’t coincide with your personal politics, which therefore means that the people you would try to attract (patriots, socialists etc.) go against your personal principles, simply select a different country!

Choosing The National Front in Freedonia or The Freedom Party in a Military State will always give you a big challenge, like for example, in real-life, choosing to represent the Communist Party in the USA!

Nevertheless, it will always be unrealistic if you do get elected as a Communist Representative in the USA… but hey, it’s a game! Otherwise it wouldn’t work, would it?

I haven’t been getting such approval in the USA