Please rebalance the game!

I just got back into GSB after a long, long time apart from it. I am very disappointed in the game balance, which I was hoping would improve by leaps and bounds.

As it stands, the most effective fighter designs make use of a single engine, a single weapon, and a single power plant. It’s impossible to make a design that’s even somewhat average that uses two weapons, or two engines - I know this solves the old problem with ridiculously fast Atlantis Bombers, but now there’s almost no incentive whatsoever to tweak fighter designs. (And, in fact, I cannot come up with a viable way to use fighter torpedoes at all!)

A lot of the weapons are too similar to each other in terms of value - frigate small beam lasers and regular beam lasers differ by so little that very, very little is being sacrificed. If you look at the three big capital ship lasers - Beam, Proton and Fusion - the only difference I can ascertain is that the Proton beam will penetrate anything other than reflective cruiser shields, wheras the others won’t penetrate anything but standard cruiser shields… however I can’t see a situation in which one would use small or standard shields due to their costs.

The new campaign element, parrticularly making crew ‘valuable’ by making cruisers eat up a lot of crew and small ships almost none, is great. But the droid crew module for cruisers, which is a bit finicky to fit into a design well, still eats up crew resource points…

In general, I feel like there is a LOT of wasted scope for awesomely varied designs and the like. Please rebalance things!

I understand that there may be things you don’t like, and most of them I agree would be a nice change.
However you can’t just say “Fix everything” after just giving a brief list…there’s two parts to this.

First, you should give a more detailed list of the things in the game you feel are uneven.
Second, you should offer your insight on what you think would make the game better, while still keeping it balanced for everyone involved.

I agree that there’s almost no leniency on what kinds of fighter builds are effective, and I can’t use Torpedoes effectively either.
I would also like more differences in the Beam Laser builds, (Although there’s a huge health difference in Small Beam Laser for Frigates…only eight health.)

However, a lot of thought, planning, and testing would have to go into each and every one of these changes.
Cliffski has his hands more than full at the moment, but he would really appreciate a detailed list of all the things you feel are unfair or unbalanced.
I bet a lot of the community would like to add problems of their own to your list, or even try their hand at modding a bit to see if any of the changes suggested would be effective.

A neat feature of GSB is that you can tweak whatever you want - all the details are in text files. Why not pick an item - say torpedoes - and tweak them until they are balanced and useful, then post back here?

How do you get it to save?
Every time I tweak something, it changes back when I close the game…