Please Remove Auto Caution


Please have this remove or be optionally override with caution 100%. Not only does a ship takes it’s remaining HP to the left wall, they drag along everything escorted/formation with it. It can cripple a fleet whenever it successfully kicks in. Having 200 fighters drag away because the one front-line tank lost it’s weapon totally sucks.

The caution option is good enough for things I want to retreat with.

I don’t think it’s intentional on Cliff’s part.
And no, as it triggers when a ship losses it’s weapons

Look, it auto triggers, it mess up formations and kills fleets.

I want my ship to sit there and die. At least make it optional so I can choose not to have it.

New order suggestion: [SIT THERE AND DIE]


Awesome. I was thinking “take one for the team”, but your line is is much funnier.

The auto-caution as it is now is NOT good. This need to be fixed = removed.

Wait, this doesn’t affect just fighters? I may have seen it with frigates, but I’m not sure. I’m glad to have it with fighters, since I get some leftovers from both sides much more often.

It does effect every ship that losses it’s weapons. it’s caused me NO end of problems in the survival. An enemy cruiser that wouldn’t normally break formation (or wouldn’t as soon, anyway) runs and drags my fleet after it, causing me to get hopelessly out of position

The simplest solution would probably be a new order of ‘last stand’ or similar, which if its applied, just ovverides the current retreating behavior. That would be relatively simple to do.

Yeah that would be great.

I think this should be a faction-specific option. The Order, last stand orders? Sure. The Feds? Ummm…I don’t think that’s good for the bottom line.

Or to be really kinky, make it an option for droid crews.


I don’t suppose there’s been any movement on this? It’s annoying to see my fighters get damaged, flee the battlefield, and drag enemy fighters straight to my long-range cruisers.

I’m working on it right this second…
I’m adding a LAST STAND order that countermands this behavior

Thank you! PLEASE hurry this order to the OS X version, i think it will make survival play much more honestly again (as i don’t remember everything retreating all the time…)


Now if we could only get a REPAIR order that would be ignored if there were no viable carrier modules in the battlefield. It is so annoying having to constantly purge the CAUTIOUS order in my fighters when no carriers are in the group and it is a complete and UTTER disaster to see your carrier pop and then ALL your fighters high tailing it to die slowly at the left side of the screen when they get scratched (Cautious 1%)… I AM the commander right???


The auto caution is really annoying, i was fighting using my mod ships, using a carrier with 2 super carrier bays, and its funny to see when a fighter gets out the carrier bay and gets stuck flying in circles around the carrier. This happened to me -.-

Clinfski, btw, will be too hard to increase de effective escort range? right now, if u put more than 400 (or less, cant remember) range on the order, the ship will just ignore it. So u cant create an attack ship and another group behind far away to react when the escorted ship is destroyed. That will be great. And another thing that i cant understand is the incompatibility of the escort order with keep moving. The purpose of keep moving order is to have all your weapons at range so u dont get stuck firing only with 1 or 2 weapons. Y a ship that is marked with escort order cant do that when the ship escorted is destroyed?? this make almost all the deployments to avoid escort (except for fighters) and formation orders. They are just useless only cuz the ships marked with those orders become useless, a little modification of the incompatibility with keep moving will make those 2 orders awesome.