Please review the game on steam (and other sites :D)

I’d just like to make a little plea for people enjoying the alpha build of the game to leave us a review on steam (or GoG) if you like the game. We are a very small studio (code & design-wise its just me!) so we dont have big marketing budgets, we wont be at PAX or any big shows like that, and the media aren’t going to hear from our PR department, so we really rely on word-of-mouth during alpha/beat/early access.
That means YOU!

Only about 1% (yes, just ONE out of a hundred buyers) actually leave reviews of games, which means review scores can be hugely swayed by just one person, and this can be nerve-wracking as a developer.
We aren’t asking for great epic works of prose, even a simple ‘cool game’ and a thumbs up is just as effective./

On steam, if you go to the store page for the game ( … tion_Line/) you will see the ‘write a review’ option just below the screenshots and video.

many thanks to everyone who has already done this, its the single best and easiest thing (after buying the game :D) that you can do to support us.

Done !

Added a review. Love the game.

Awesome thanks!