Police States

So, although I typically aim for no debt, high productivity and lots of social benefits, once in a while, I do try something different.

This one time, my friend challenged me to make a police state. Basically, as much security as possible, as little literacy as possible.

I was thinking “It’d never work! That’d anger almost everyone except for a few select people”

I did it and, surprise, I was voted in with 70%, if my memory serves me correct.

Obviously, as time passed by, the voting percentage went up.

Anybody else have any similar interesting tales of “democratic” things you wouldn’t expect to have happen?

thats probally because they were too stupid and brainwashed into voting for you

I tried that Police State thing on Canada and everyone dispised me and hated my guts, I dropped from 64% to 14% votes after my strong security levels. So I ran like hell back to the United Kingdom where I have secured 9 elections in a row.