Policies and version 2.17

Has anybody else noticed a problem with the latest version of the game and modified policies? Every time I click on one (for example the Gay rights one) the game freezes up and crashes. I have tried reinstalling the game and the mods but it hasn’t changed anything.

Hi, where is the gay rights policy? I can’t find it.

Its under the “Pandamans” umbrella, on the mods list page

I think I know what this is. The homosexual rights added a new slider, and its been added to the sliders.csv file, which needs replacing in the main game directory (data/simulation)
What they should have done is added it as a new text file for the modded sliders folder. But if you just paste over your sliders.csv with the one in the zip, it should work fine.

I think Pandaman did it before you could add new sliders by text file.

Aha! I thought that might be it.

yeah i did paste over using the sliders file in the zip file. it does just seem to be the pandaman policies which arent working, all the rest work fine.

If you can add new sliders by text file, then the data for how to add policies (http://www.positech.co.uk/democracy2/modding2.html) on the Democracy 2 site seems to be outdated.

Cheers, I just added a note there.