Policies help (solved)

Solved just put the code into a .txt file and then change to a .csv file
Credits: Ulq


That code should work, which makes me think that the problem is probably that the csv file is in the wrong place. Can you give the path and filename of the policies.csv file you’re using?


Okay, I think is probably because of the editor you’ve used for your csv file, but if you open up your csv in a text editor like Notepad it looks like this:

"#,ChildStudies,Children Studies Program,default,""A Program that help the children with studies by giving them materials and tools for study."",,15,50,5,20,PUBLICSERVICES,500,10000,,5,0,0,,#Effects,""Education,+0.06+(0.06*x)"",""Young,+0.06+(0.06*x)"",""Capitalist,-0.15-(0.12*x)"",""Socialist,+0.08+(0.08*x)"",,,,,,,"

The reason it doesn’t work is because all of the unnecessary "s. If you remove them, it should work.




Create a policies.txt file and put the code inside it,then save and then erase the .txt and put .csv
(In case you can’t see the “.txt” check this guide

thanks that work