Policies to Merge?

Everyone is always suggesting new policies with every capability of overcomplicating the game or throwing off it’s existing balance, so I thought I’d make a list of the policies that seem like the same thing to tighten it up.

Vertical Farms - City Farms

The descriptions suggest these are very similar, the difference in capital cost offers variety, but there’s some disconnect for me when these feel like the same thing.

Compulsory Foreign Language Classes - Compulsory Language Lessons

Classes sound similar to lessons. There’s a bigger cost difference between these two so a bigger sense of variety, but they’re the same thing. Maybe the 5pc policy could be a publicity campaign Christ knows you need all the help you can get with International Trade

Unemployed Benefit - Universal Basic Income

These policies work very differently in the game, but again seem like the same thing. Perhaps Unemployed Benefit should be renamed Jobseeker’s Allowance to better classify the distinction?

Satellite Road Pricing - Congestion Charges

As much as I enjoy upsetting/monetising motorists, these are the same thing, except one of the charges comes from space. Admittedly a space version is cooler, though. If I could get Space Prisons in a patch I’d finally have the perfect country

Notice I didn’t add the two cycling policies because they’re both clearly different things, if respective of similar values.

I think city farms are more like, people literally use their gardens as farm land (this can be very low-tech), whereas vertical farms are very modern and high-tech, effectively warehouses of highly controlled hydro-cultures in stacks, effectively multiplying usable land area by building height.

The language lessons thing threw me off too but I think the difference there is in regular vs. adult education. (This could be made clearer, imo)

Unemployment Benefits are completely different from an UBI. Literally everybody, even the richest person in the country, gets access to an UBI and there are no strings (like looking-for-job-requirements) attached at all.


I like the idea of combining these, they would represent different areas of the slider.

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UBI and unemployment benefits are two completely different policies, the other ones could probably be merged.

City farms - Vertical farms could be on some sort of slider from low to high tech.

Are there any places in the world where foreign languages aren’t taught in school? If like Kram1032 pointred out that’s the difference between the two language policies, the regular one could probably be eliminated as is seems like a non-issue to me.


Vertical Farms don’t have to be in cities. They could also be huge, effectively, warehouses in the middle of nowhere.
Though it certainly is a benefit of them, that in principle, they use less surface area, and so housing can be put much closer to them.

Maybe a variable that could be interesting to model is, like, city density and/or rural population. Are your cities huge? Are they dense? How many high-risers are there? That kind of thing.
Regular city farms wouldn’t be high-risers. They would require either large(ish) regular gardens, or alternatively rooftop gardens. They are things people do/maintain privately, usually during their leisure times. It’s a hobby that also gives back.
There’s also, like community versions of that, where you effectively have parks that are freely usable fields. This would, I think, be the high-cost outcome of city farms. Anybody can visit and garden and then also collect the crops.

Vertical Farms, however, are industrial-scale high-tech enterprises that wouldn’t work for your average citizen. Way too specialized. They are a very different concept.

Here’s what those are:


Rail network and monorail could be merged.


What’s rail network?

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I think they mean State Rail Company

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Yeah I meant state rail company, though monorail could also be turned into high speed rail.

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