policy analysis

All the observations below are obviously influenced by my political leaning and playing
style, but maybe you have made some of the same experiences. The effects of the
policies where all tried out with US at 150% dif. and a very socialist/liberal leaning state.

Most things and everything I don’t mention work well for me.

Monorail - It doesn’t increase Rail usage. Why?
Road building - It seems too cheap to me compared to amount I pay for public transport.
Bus vs Rail - At the moment way more policies for Buses are available

Foreign Policy
National service could reduce the military costs at the expense of a little GDP. (that is the argument I heard)
Overall the area with the least available policies. Please more! Maybe free trade agreements?

This area works very good for me. Only one thing.
Welfare fraud department does always the same thing (and gives the same income). It does not change when I have zero welfare spending or a lot.

Recycling reduces the need for a lot of materials significantly. I think this could be represented by raising energy efficiency and balanced by higher costs.
Consumer Right - too bad at the moment, negative GDP?, BUG I see two times self employed as effected.
Fossil fuel subs - way to expansive
Foreign Investor Tax B. - less GDP effect and costs

Flat Income Tax - Is in every way worse than the normal one. Socialists and Poor hate and equality goes down, no big positives I can see.
Overall income tax is too strong or the other too weak you really have no other tool to raise enough money.
Sales Tax (why not VAT instead?) brings in half the money at balanced settings. This seems to little to me.
Please add a tax fraud department.

Public Services work fine only one thing.
Why do technology colleges increase inequality? Never heard that before. TC are mostly attended by working class kids that than end up often earning more than people at regular Universities.

Law and Order
Speed Cameras - BUG 2x influence on Motorists
Legalize Prostitution - way too much hate, positive GDP effect? Here they sold it as a way to reduce crime.
Curfews - very strong negative effects
Detention without T- maybe add bad international relations?
ID cards- never heard much complaints about compulsory ID cards. Must be an american thing? It seems popular with parents.
Private Prisons- there is really no reason not to take them. You can just stack them with public prisons at almost no extra cost (if crime is low).
Overall way too many policies you never need because crime is so easy to get rid of.

Feel free to comment and criticize.

Very interesting and constructive feedback, much appreciated. What country are you in? There was talk of compulsory ID cards in the UK, and a lot of people went bananas about it. Eventually it was scrapped before it even came in.

You could introduce it as optional with a slider option to compulsory with more drastic effects.

I live in Berlin Germany.
Every citizen must have an ID card. You don´t have to carry it with you all the time,
but most people do since you will need to identify yourself sometimes (opening a library account, voting, driving a car, etc.).

The problem with all modeling of attitudes to political policies is they are vastly dependent on what people are used to. For example, the UK has had a national health service for a generation or two, and we thus desperately wish to keep it as it is. The US has had private health care and desperately wishes to keep it as it is. Ditto their gun laws, the UK’s gun laws, ditto the UK attitude to ID cards.
A great example is the UK’s TV license. We are generally happy about it, but if it did not exist and a government tried to introduce it now, there would be VAST opposition.
What I’m getting at is this…

It would be easy to change the German mission to be one where the feelings against ID cards were much reduced, but would that really be accurate? That would be saying that German people are generally more trusting of government, and less worried about privacy than British people at a deep cultural level. That may be true, but it’s very hard to tell, because we don’t have an alternate world where the UK introduced ID cards 40 years ago and the Germans never did.
I do hear that German people are generally less inclined to rebel against authority than the British (I have a German relative). I get the impression the French are even more rebellious :smiley:

I’ve done some research and I agree that the Road Building cost was too low. I’m increasing it by 20% for version 1.04.

ID Cards were toted around in AUSTRALIA about 15-20 years ago (Can’t remember was too young and stupid at the time :slight_smile: ) and a large proportion of society had a fit. I imagine the US would respond about as benignly as if you replaced their national anthem, with GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. Can’t imagine the French would be in love with it either, but the Germans that makes sense to me. My own opinion is that Germany (similarly to the Japanese IMO) and its people seem to be more inclined to be happy with pragmatic security measures that only mildly infringe upon civil liberties. Sure its a sweeping judgement, based upon anecdotal evidence (and I certainly do not mean it as a criticism), but still can’t help but think it may well be accurate. I think the “non-issue” vibe the OP gives is representative of this (yeah I know small sample size and all :slight_smile: ).