Policy Effect change proposals, and your thoughts


Rail strikes. The causes are backwards. One of the ways I deal with air quality is to introduce rail subsidies to the max, after the long 72 month period of implementation rail strikes occur. To solve rail strikes you either have to completely cancel rail subsidies (how does this make sense?) or completely underfund rail services (waiting another long 72 month implementation time) and change your labor laws to pro employer. To me these policy changes should cause a rail strike no stop one. Seriously what are these rail workers striking for? The removal of job rights and worse pay?

And after a while I think rail strikes should be a lot more likely to occur if you have no rail subsidies in the first place (or monorail subsidies).


Just patched my game, increasing rail funding stop the strikes where there is still a funding option. But rail strikes can occur when you fully funding rail subsidies, then there is no way to stop them short of completely canceling the policy.


Apparently the teaching of creationism has only one effect,to make religious people happy. Without addressing the veracity of its subject matter, I would submit that if students are presented with this as a scientific explanation, then there should also be an effect of increasing “technological backwater”.


I agree. If you teach fiction as science and others teach only fact, your graduates are not going to be in high demand. Nor are they going to be very effective when hired.


The biggest problem I find is that some things are too easy to max out things. The GDP in the real world, changes by about -5% to 5% each quarter at most, which isn’t really what happens in most of my games, where it starts low, raises eventually to near-full, then dips at each ressesion.
I think changing GDP to growth rate, and the GDP to a value, which is raised or lowwered each turn depending on growth rate would make sense.
I think that immigration should boost contagious disease, since they are often un-immunized. However, in Democracy 2, immigration is almost all bad, so it might be good to have immigration boost productivity(hard working) and farmer happiness(cheap labour).
It might be idea to have a date eg starts 2008(or earlier, or maybe later) which has an effect on oil supply, the probability of new events ect. I have no idea where it would go so it could just be hidden. It could sort of replace the economic cycle, with events effecting GDP occuring at set dates. Would take an endless amount of modding, by having each dilema/event giving +0.01 to the value.
Also, foreign aid has too big an effect on foriegn relations; since all the aid will be going to small poor countries with little effect on the global economy ect. I think the majority of effects to forien relations should be dilema/events. Agriculture subsides could have a negative forien relation effect.
These are my ideas any I would like your opinions’.


Damn, that is an extremely good point. Creationism is by it’s very nature, a refutation of scientific method, so I would expect it to reduce scientific progress as a whole. I can’t believe I missed that…


I have noticed an extreme situation that occurs when playing the game. If you have income tax and luxury goods tax on nominal, you still get a negative situation appearing in the form of a brain drain. Pretty extreme.


Tax evasion should affect socialists and patriots negatively, and ID Cards should reduce it.


That depends who evades the tax though. If poor people are skipping tax, shouldn’t socialists be happy? (and vice versa)


You’re right


Have you thought about creating a prison riot event. I think it fits very well into the current game.


There is already actually a prison riot event. If you cut prison funding ti should show up over time (a large part of it’s triggering is random).


Really? I’ve been through a couple of games where I had no prison funding at all (accidentally) and never ran into a riot. I think these games with no prison funding were in the Cyra (modded) scenario where your country starts out with absolutely nothing.

I’ll have to check that out and see what I can do!


you might just be lucky. It’s pretty random, and other events may be cropping up with higher priorities. The game restricts too many events happening at once, so the random ones can take a while to show.


Does anyone esle think that marriage tax allowance should make parents happy? In our modern world, many parents are single but still.
Also, in the UK parents care only for education, with health & crime as the other main issues. Surely stae schools/ university grants should make parents very happy?
Labour laws is too benifitial.
As said before legal aid is over powered, but to put it into perspective, full legal aid raises low earning by the same amount that the “average” income tax lowwers it by; must be that the poor criminals get very expensive laywers…


All good points. I need to carry out a re-balancing at some point.


Instead of rebalancing, I’d love to see a Democracy 3, in which you actually start out as the leader building a country, and try to stay elected. You’d be dealing with a lot more foreign policy issues as well as domestic.


The game has a gated communities policy, but lacks the alternative to this, which is a traditional neighbourhood’s policy.


I disagree. One of the major differences as far as modern education is concerned between teaching evolution and/or creationism is simply which is taught. Whether we evolved from Monkeys or not, doesn’t really change whether or not a jet plane falls out of the sky nor does it directly change whether a taxi driver can drive a taxi. As long as creationism was taught as a belief or a theory there’s not necessarily going to be a worse tech backwater problem than if evolution were solely taught.


The gated communities policy makes wealthy very happy, much more than some major economic policies. I dont know whether it’s possible but I’d like Gated communities to only make wealthy happy when there is class warfare. I’m not wealthy or in a high crime area, but I think they care more about money, unless the crime against them is very high.
I say this because I dont know about how the prereq thing works?
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