Policy funding issue

I am probably overlooking the obvious here, but I seem to be having a problem setting funding on the policy sliders so that they stay put. Most noticeable is the funding level for health services in Malaganga. I set the funding at 10b and after saving and loading to play later it was back around five or six billion. The police funding had moved back from the two billion I set it at to about one billion also. I spent more political capital to pump them up again. 8 bil this time for health services and noticed a few turns later it had gone down some again on it’s own.

After another save and load later in the day I found it is now 6.67 bil without any additional input from me.  Along with the police other items like public schools seem to change also unless I max them out then they hold fast it seems.  The twin issues here are not being able to set the funding where I want  and wasting political capital setting it and resetting it only to have it migrate again.

I have only had the game since yesterday and have not modded it or fiddled with any options.  I tried to locate a post indicating someone had a similar issue but couldn't find anything precisely relating to my problem.  Any help would be appreciated.

policy changes can take time to implement. is it possible you are seeing a situation where you set a policy at a specific desired level (the faded slider) and then when you reload you are seeing how far it has moved towards that point?

Ah, I see. Actually I did happen on a discussion about that but didn’t get the point that the slider itself moved incrementally during the implementation period.

Thanks for the prompt reply.