Policy Idea: Veteran’s Affairs

Something that most countries have in common Is they almost always offer aid to veterans who bravely served their country. In the US there is the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, in the UK there is the Office for Veteran’s Affairs, and so on. This however is something that is lacking in Democracy 3. (I haven’t gotten the D4 alpha version yet, because I’ve been away from home, so if there is a veteran policy ignore this) if there isn’t a veteran’s policy yet, consider this. A policy in either welfare or public service, if the policy is set low it might offer a pension for servicemen, then the next level would be a veteran education service, a veteran Heath care service, then a Veteran housing service. The interesting thing about this is that it wouldn’t effect capitalists. As most capitalists don’t mind the VA (in the US at least) this could make patriots happier, increase education, increase gdp, increase health, increase housing etc. I think that the most interesting part of this idea is that it’s cost would be affected by the size of the nations military. So if military size is very high, VA costs would be very expensive. But not having a VA policy could anger Patriots. This is just an idea so share your thoughts on it please. :slight_smile:

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I like this idea

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I also dig it.

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Thanks, how do you think the policy should be put in the game, from welfare or public service. And who do you think it should affect, capitalists, socialist, conservatives, the retired?

I think retired, patriots and conservative mainly, I think it should also reduce hospital waiting lists/expenditure perhaps as it will take demand off medical departments

I agree :+1:, I think that a VA policy could add something interesting to the game. In the US, the Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the most expensive departments, this could be put in the game. The VA shouldn’t offer any negatives. Only increase happiness, health, GDP, Education, etc. but the main down side is it’s price. This is of course assuming that the military budget is very high. Another thing that could potentially be simulated in the game is VA corruption. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but in America the VA has always been filled with corruption. I think that if corruption is high in the game it could also increase costs for the VA. So again share your thoughts.

Not american so don’t know what the situation is like there, but are the anti-war liberals fine with spending a bunch of money on veterans? I would guess they would view it as a way to exploit people who are less well off financially, enticing them to sign up for the military and commit atrocities abroad by promising them rewards afterwards, but maybe thats not how they view it?

@Alazn02 As an American citizen, living in a “purple” state, I think most liberals tend to be okay with VA healthcare funding, because if things were properly funded and regulated and instituted, there is less Veteran homelessness, and generally liberals are for spending on mental health as well, etc. The gripes liberals have tend be with underfunding of it, and say misallocation or appropriation of resources and funds. Some liberals see the VA as a model of socialized medicine that can be improved upon, and used as a model for general citizenry as well.

That’s my two cents.

So how about this: the VA policy increases Conservative, Patriot, and Retried happiness. It decrease liberal happiness. It should increase patriot population (as it would make more people apply for the military). If high enough the policy should increase health, education, housing, and GDP. It is however an expensive policy, especially if military size is high.

The thing I said about corruption could be put in, but it might just complicate the game.

Potentially a situation that could be connected with the VA policy is if the military is weak and the VA is low, foreign investments could drop. Because investors would lose trust in the nation over the lack of security. Just a suggestion.

I really don’t think it would decrease liberal happiness actually. Much of the debate around here for government funding programs – liberals tend to want to increase them, and conservatives, or those who are fiscally conservative, tend to want less spending on government programs, because they think the private market can or should take over things. Maybe it should decrease capitalist instead of liberal, since otherwise those veterans would be be in private healthcare making money for capitalists.

We could have a link between mil expenditure and disability benefit.

Democracy 2 had Veteran Affairs (benefits).

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