Policy Ideas\All of my mods (UPDATED-new countries)

Yes, I just did the Private Police mod for Dem1, and ill do some countries later.

Damn :frowning:.

Seems that the Spanish and Swedish flags have failed, could you re-upload them…please :slight_smile:.


The problem with overwriting the sliders file is that you will delete any sliders that may have been added by other mods. As only you seem to be doing mods at the moment, this isn’t really a problem, because you can ensure that all your sliders are in any new files you send out, but if anyone else starts adding new sliders, this could get very complicated and you could end up overwriting each others sliders.

My auto-installer works differently, because rather than copying the new sliders file over the old one, it just adds the new slider to the old sliders file, leaving any other new sliders that you may have added to the file untouched.

I intend to make a version of the auto-installer that you can program the file locations into yourself very shortly (probably tonight), so that everyone will be able to include the program with any mods they send out. I will make a copy available on this forum when I do so.

So are all of the ones Pandaman made on each new slider?

All of my mods are compatible with each other, dont worry.

Thanks tomphill.

Ill get mine working with the auto-installer tommorow, now, i must sleep :slight_smile:.

PS: Can somebody please upload the Spain and Sweden flags… please :smiley:.

Ok thanks Pandaman :slight_smile:

Hi, there are all flags and old mission files for modded democracy 1 nations,if anyone would like to convert them to dem 2.

They are Portugal,Greece,Netherlands,Malta,Georgia,Ireland,Iceland,Czech Republic and Denmark. All except Portugal were made by me.

Requested by Pandaman ( by the way, i cannot download your Interest Rates mod,check if everything is ok)


Thanks for the old countries.

As for the interest rates, mod, yes something is wrong, but sometimes MediaFire is a bit dodge :frowning:.

BTW, how did you get the ‘wave’ effect onto the flags you made?

I just had a look through them. Flag files are surprisingly easy to edit, so ill prolly get it done tomorrow-the day after.

Where do I put this at in?

What do you mean noachain? The country mods above are for Dem1, ill convert it into Dem2 tommorow\the day after.

Oh, and I re-uploaded the Interest Rates mod. Should be working OK now (use the ‘backup link’)

Edit: Seems that there are problems with the Mediafile servers at the moment-ill see how they are in the morning.

Okidoke :laughing:

Just checking - the reason that the tax fraud policy does not affect tax evasion is because I have already downloaded and installed the inflation mod, yes? And is there any way I could resolve this?

Otherwise, great set of mods - keep it up.

How do you install these mods? I’m new to this.

hey, any chance of gettin the ireland file updated for dem 2? pretty please :slight_smile:

See this thread.

Love the idea of some of your mods; however, fo us less computer savy players, would love an auto install. I notice some of the modders include this - I see the instructions on how to install on my own, but just dont get it. Is there any way I can talk you into including an auto install? Thanks