Policy Ideas...

Is there any policy you would like added in the game? Nothing too complicated but ill see if i can implement it and release it eventually.
I Already have;
Funding public arts
nationlization of oil
dress codes
food stamps
special education
funding worker cooperatives
discrimination in work place
public works
Suffrage Age.
voting machines
government oil quotas
Temporary homeless shelters.
Tax auditors

can you email me those xboxfan123@gmail.com

I was just wondering if you could email me those also

I was thinking abortion, like partial abortion is legal but full isint… but you had AWESOME ideas’s,when i saw food stamps and special educaltion I screamed and banged against my wall in stupidity, yeah… but all of those MUST BE ADDED, except oil nationalzation, that kinda sucked, no offense, Oh I was thinking about a driving age limit (but that i think is done by state, but come’on you can go from -4T to +5T in money and everyone still hates you…)

I do like the tax auditors idea.

its quite needed in the game, seen as its such an integral part of government it would make things rin so much more smoothly in the countries with larger populations when you need to raise higher taxes

They look neat - I was thinking of posting all the old dem1 policies that were previously posted and that didn’t work for various reasons (or had unreasonable adjustment rates) because I have them working now.

I’m at Julian95@live.ca by the way.

email me as well brionegre@gmail.com

Tax auditing is definitely needed. Can you email those to me as well :slight_smile: codythemonk93@gmail.com

email me at garrett_davidson1@yahoo.com

Email it to me at shawn.nichols@live.com.

Some of those are desperately needed in the game. Please email me what you have at radman622@gmail.com :slight_smile: