Policy Ideas

Can’t seem to edit the Google doc with the idea list, at least from my phone.

The voting age mod is a great idea for regular inclusion. Similarly, driving age might be an interesting slider with something like health a negative for dropping it due to increased crashes (primary cause of death for youths) or maybe congestion.

Mandatory retesting of older drivers is a recurring theme in politics, again weighing safety versus rights.

Automotive safety regulations could be a long term change to increase health.

State funded drivers’ education could improve safety.

Counseling and suicide hotlines for youth would address their other leading cause of death.

Fitness initiatives get put into place in some areas (Japan?) that require daily exercise and maximum waist sizes.

Punitive fines or jail time for littering.

Pedestrian right of way laws.

Percentage of land set aside as national parks?

Mandatory age limit for society (fits extremism)?

Gender equality in military? Homosexual rights in military? Civilian oversight of military courts?

Promotion of religious charities

Is homosexual marriage currently in the game?

Gender pay equality laws

Federal emergency aid budget for disasters

Fishing rights - essentially ‘farmer’ versus environmentalists

Abstinence teaching vs birth control
Media control over language, sex, violence - you see large differences from country to country that affect social behavior
Police in schools
Public smoking ban
Olympics bid?
Public sports funding or tax breaks
Internet neutrality
Sexual harassment laws
Trucker driving hours - major impact on US economy recently

Situations of large unwanted pregnancies (leading to poverty) and automotive safety seem like reasonable ones

We have enough social policies, I am keen on getting more foreign relations and grand intelligence events much like Murica does in real life.
The game missed a key group of people that being a leader need to please: the influential groups behind the scenes which can be attributed to these five or six groups:
Mass media
Resource/non-banking super wealthy
I believe the player needs to play back room politics on how to balance the needs of these four groups and deal with events bring on by these five groups.