Policy inputs for Gender Equality

I noticed the Trello called for more inputs/policies for Gender Equality, so here we go:

Women in STEM Campaign - A 2 capital campaign in line with the tourism campaign that promotes the value of women in STEM and encourages women to pursue such educations and jobs, with marginal effects.

Women’s Centres - Another small policy similar to Youth Clubs which organises crisis centres for homeless, abused, or otherwise vulnerable women to seek refuge, receive welfare, find legal council, or enter state housing.

Gender Hiring Quotas - Same thing as Diversity Quotas, but for ladies.

Sexual Assault Law - A permanent policy with a slider. The player can define wider criteria for sexual assault and more harshly reinforced penalties and convictions for the crime, more highly prioritising its prevention.

Consent in Schools Dilemma - Condoning the teaching of consent to very young children, contextualised in sexual contexts for teenagers, angering conservatives and pleasing liberals

Representative Accused of Misconduct Dilemma - A government representative is accused of multiple accounts of sexual misconduct against women. Condemning them frustrates state employees and conservatives but pleases liberals.

Gender reassignment and other LGBT-related data ought to affect Gender Equality too, since these topics commonly feature or welcome women and gender non-conforming people, the latter of which I assume is implied as a vulnerable group also referred to in this simulation.


Can I just say, I know this is different in other places. But this always striked me as odd. Where Im from women usually dominate classrooms when it is STEM. However, the lower the section, boys start to be dominant.

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several women with PhDs in STEM fields and seeing many others, although every one of them I’ve really spoken to could describe in detail the undercurrent of misogyny they’ve seen in corporate and academic institutions. In the majority of cases, these women unfortunately chose different career paths in part due to that culture.

True true, I guess I’m just rather suprised with how the world stands out when it comes to women in STEM. I have spent years with my comrades from STEM and I wish them successful careers. Furthermore, I agree with all your points here. I would love to see them in game.

Introducing those policies sounds like fun but sadly some of them look like they have the same effect and not the “We give you equality but the disadvantage here is the cost/people being upset/other” and/or there’s already one in the game that already has this effect. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Yes, the game doesn’t really have a hole in it, mechanically speaking, that more gender equality policies and inputs can solve, but the Democracy 4 Trello had, and continues to have, a call for “more inputs/policies needed for gender equality” under “content to be produced” so I thought i’d brainstorm a few.


Yeah the situation is pretty bad in the US at least. My old STEM focused school was something like 60-70% male and 70% Asian, despite living in an area where most people work for Tech companies and the Asian population is only at 15-20%.


speaking of gender equality inputs cliff should also consider adding policies that lower it, not only ones that increase it, kinda like we already have ban women driving

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I mean ban women driving was added with the purpose of keeping the religious happy, but there is the possibility of gender inequality or inequality in general if you try a very cons-capitalist playthrough as it triggers class warfare.

Also am I the only one who thought it was a little oversimple how the everpresent existence of discrimination in human society can be resolved with 3-4 equal opportunity incentives?

I don’t know if creating negative inputs on gender inequality is as prudent as simply making the problem fundamentally more difficult to address by non-utopian non-technocratic modern states.

More times I fart my way into an Egalitarian Society by mistake with how easy it is to do.

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Well, it does seem easy but here it depends on how many people are upset with it, I think.

Definitely, and though inequality is desperately different between developed and developing worlds, I do think the extra mile to true equality, beyond economic considerations, is more elaborate a concept than the game has modelled.

And of course not just a question of raw education because as we’ve discussed, these issues are unanimously rife in academic centres.

I think true equality would take relatively pearl-clutching, perhaps radical measures, like mandating sensitivity training, government subsidies for advocacy groups, or even actively encouraging gender expression in kids.

While I’m here:
Pink Tax Ban - A ban on the application of sales or luxury goods tax on hygiene products and essential sundries for women (lowers sales tax/luxury good tax income, increases Gender Equality, pleases liberals etc)

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