Policy not appearing on graphs

@cliffski I noticed a glitch that occurred after I enacted Speed Cameras: that policy is not appearing on graphs where it should. Looking at the actual popularity charts of the groups affected, I don’t think the policy’s effects are working either. I enacted it due to a donor demand, so maybe that has something to do with this?

I’m running the game on Pop!_OS via Proton, although the game seems to run perfectly. I can send my save game if that would be helpful.

(I believe I enacted it the turn before in these screenshots.)

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I will look into this, thanks for reporting it


Looked into it. I cannot get what you describe regarding the effects seeming to be backwards, they are correct for me, which could be some crazy linux issue I guess. It does seem that donor-demanded policies are not correctly getting added to that other chart, which I shall fix. I also think the political capital cost of speed cameras should be lower…


Looking at that save again, I think the change was just too small to see on the graph easily; looking at Motorist opinion the next turn, there’s a small decrease.

PS: I saw in the changelog that percentage tooltips are being added. Thank you, that’ll be nice for checking things like this.


Oh, there’s also the possibility to include many many policies and then when you decide to move your cursor over the stack of icons, they will go beyond the screen.