Policy suggestions: Housing, Retirees, Water Restrictions

I’m not sure if you’re taking suggestions for policies, but it strikes me that there isn’t a “capitalist” (or at least, non-socialist) way to reduce homelessness. Rent Allowance would be the obvious way to accomplish this, in the same vein as school and healthcare vouchers. Maybe also Rent Tax Credits?.

I would make the same recommendation for Social Care, unless I’m misunderstanding the scope of that policy (I guess having a voucher system would require like, a state social care and private social care variable etc). Might be a bit much work.

Regarding ways to interact with water shortages and the water industry, my country of Australia has widespread water restrictions and the policy irl has some significant research into the economic/welfare effects. Worth mentioning, at least.

Should food price inform the cost of the Food Stamps policy?

Also, thanks for including Payroll Taxes- they’re my favourite tax to remove in any game I play :stuck_out_tongue:

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Retirement age shouldn’t be an uncancellable policy because if you remove Retired Benefits then how does it become relevant?

But in the general theme of your post I agree the Capitalist policies are not always equivalent. For example, Hospital Overcrowding is permanent without some level of State Health Service, even if you include voucher policy. Even though overcrowding would cause prices to rise or increased supply of hospitals, for instance, which would solve the problem. Private healthcare should be able to eliminate the negative situation.

I wish Cliff would bring back Water Purification and the Water Trading Policy (maybe it was a mod?) that eliminated the water shortage, too.

I’m inclined to agree actually, yeah. The retirement age can be said to be abstracted by the level of funding you give various retiree policies.

That was a mod, yeah.

“Legalize building houses” seems to be the popular capitalist policy to address homelessness. Or to put it in a less flip manner, loosening zoning restrictions and regulations on house building. Of course, anyone who already owns a house has a vested interest in housing costs staying high.

Yeah, but absent the planning law dilemma there is no housing regulation uncancellable, so no actual way to change that side of it.

I was mostly thinking about something that would improve equality/decrease poverty without decreasing the private housing market.