Political avatars are here!

Hey why not enable forum avatars, thats what I say! I uploaded a bunch of famous political figrues to the forums avatar gallery, but feel free to use your own (limited to 80px by 80px 32k)

As long as nobody adopts that Thatcher avatar shudders

I’ve got my favourite politician!

The uploading is always a good idea.

cool! whose that then?

I tried to upload my picture but there was an error-permission denied 486.

I got the same problem

damn. is remote linking working? (when you host the file somewhere else)

Link to off-site Avatar works correctly

Yeah, uploading didn’t work for me either.

This is Nandor Tanczos, Green MP since 1999.
Bio: greens.org.nz/people/tanczos_n.asp

And this is René Lévesque, ex-Premier of Québec, creator of the Parti Québécois and, in many ways, father of the Québec nation.

Well just upload it to imageshack, doesnt matter much.

Right onnn, updated icons for the avatars, oh yeahhh
lookin goood 8)

  • Mike

hehe… all of a sudden I’ve got an idea of Iron Dame Thatcher with fleshy horns as an avatar(dame because she surely isn’t some bloody maiden). That and Tony Blair with a miniature poodle body and the trimmed ears and all