Political capital and national debates

The political capital system is one of the older systems in this game, and is showing its age. I get why it’s there, the player should only be able to get so much done so fast, however it is simplistic and uninteresting. It also runs into hard limits a lot.

For example, I’m playing as the USA currently, and seem to not be able to get more than 44 PC. This means that stem cell research, at 45 PC to implement, is off limits to me. It’s game content that is simply unavailable. It seems odd that this is the thing I can’t get done, given that I abolished term limits.

It would be good if there were a method to start debates about policies which are out of reach to the player, and have it play out over a few terms. There would be opportunities to advance it by spending political capital each turn, and have extra dilemmas pop up related to the debate. For example: "The opposition has raised a concern. Do you: 1 evade the question for a hit to “trustworthy” or 2. Acknowledge the concern, but talk up a benefit for an opinion trade off?

These are just a couple ideas I’m throwing out, my main point is that the PC system is lackluster, and due for new content.