political capital not incrementing

I’ve trying to govern Mexilando - military state with constitutional monarchy.

increased community police, added child allowance & married allowance (still the parents don’t like me!

decide to restrict firearms - need 52 political capital. cycle to next turn, increase capital. Doing this for several turns increases my capital to 45. I then did 4-6 cycles and my polital capital never changed!!! Finally caught by election having deliberately done nothing in each turn to accumulate capital - to no effect.

What on earth happened???

It’s your cabinet.
The political cabinet is partly fuelled by the experience of your cabinet (and their ‘pull’ within your party). If you have recently had some resignations, or you have replaced your ministers with inexperienced or weak ones, then there is a chance they simply don’t generate enough capital. The level is capped at a certain multiplier of the quarterly amount, so it sounds like you have (temporarily) got into a situation where you cabinet is too weak.
Effectively, you don’t have enough political willpower and presentational skill to push your more extreme policies through government.

Next time you play, you can try the “Infinite Political Capital” option where you can do any policy change you want at any time you want. It definitely changes the game a lot.


sorry for not replying earlier, I actually did a reply but obviously didn’t post it properly!

At the time, I had a cabinet which should have given 14/15 points a time.
In fact this was the strength for most of the game and I definately got political capital in the early stages.

Sambrookjm - I’ve tried the ‘infinite political capital’ but it takes all the interest out of it.

Tried to run it again, same result.
Mexilando. 14 points at start. All cabinet 2 points each.
forward to next round. increased to 28.
next round increased to 42.
all subsequent rounds - no change in political capital.

Tried again. Start at 14 points. change a member to get 3 points.
next round increased to 28 (all at 2 points again) change a member to get 3 points.
next round increased to 42 (all at 2 points again).
all subsequent rounds - no change in political capital.


If you spend that capital it will come back, this is what I meant about the capital being capped at a multiplier of the quarterly amount. You can’t keep ‘banking’ the capital each quarter. If the max amount isn’t high enough you need to get a better minister, or let current ones gain experience.

All becomes clear, thanks

This doesn’t make sense. I have the same problem, with America, but all of my minsters have full green bars regarding experience. Its capped at like 21, which really can’t effect any change in America.

The only thing that I can think that is affecting this scenario is the ‘class warfare.’ What I find odd is that all the ministers have only 1 point each for political capital, while they started off with 3 each. This just doesn’t make sense.