Political Capital

Just bought the game and have been enjoying playing it the past hours.

Just one question/remark so far; Shouldn’t the political capital cost of implementing or changing policies be dependent on how big the change is? I mean it should cost me more political capital to raise the sales tax by 50 % appose to raising it by 5 %. Maybe you want to cut military spending by 40 % to deal with your deficit, but your party didn’t do so well the last election, so you have to compromise since you only have enough political capital to cut the budget by 20 %.

I agree, but I think this is partly represented by the large TO RAISE or TO LOWER cost of many policies. If you implemented it the way you suggested, then it would probably mean reducing the base RAISE cost. I think its probably for a gameplay perspective, as you are limited by MAX PC, if you had a large RAISE COST (ie income tax) and then added say 1PC per %, you would never be able to make sweeping changes.

Sure you could raise the PC MAX but this would then allow players to do far more then they really should be able too.

I think the DEV would have to completely re-design the entire system if this was implemented, if any sense of balance/reaslism was to be introduced.

Makes sense.