Political games

The thing that struck me most about Democracy when I first played it was this - no explosions (the fireworks when you win an election don’t count)

Reminded me of a game I played years ago, called Politika. Did anyone ever play it? The premise was that you were a person of influence in Russia just after the collapse of the USSR, and the aim was to take over the country by political means. Jaw-jaw instead of war-war, as Churchill would say. However, it was very badly done and ultimately unsatisfying.

It would be nice to see another game like that though, where its all about the wheeling and dealing rather than cranking out tanks.

Nope, but I do remember “Shadow President”, it was out for a very short time, then it disappeared.

Sad, too, it was a great game.

You can still get a copy of Shadow President, although I didn’t think it was very good really. Krisis at the Kremlin was much better.

A game I’d definitely suggest everyone here try is Hidden Agenda:


An excellent political game. You have to promise to make a donation to a South American NGO though if you’d like to get it :slight_smile:

Actually, abandonia.com should have both.

Underdogs apparently keeps dieing out, or is dead… I avoid it since the 250 pop ups get annoying eventually.

Shadow President is just poorly explained for me to get my head around sadly :slight_smile: