Political improves to Democracy sequel

Hi cliffski,

I’d like to tell you that I really like Democracy and I think your proposed economic improvements to the sequel sound brilliant, but please add more political changes.

I play an excellent free online game that I think might inspire you as to how to do it. It’s called Particracy. Economically, the game doesn’t allow you to do much but politically it’s quite good.

It has proportional representation with various parties and they come and go. Parties can nominate support for other parties’ presidential canditates (which creates an element of diplomatic strategy) and to get any policy changed it has to be voted through parliament, which makes you think about every policy you enact and whether it will garner you support at the next election.

You can see and play the game here:

Hey that’s an interesting link, thankyou.

I’d like to see more impact of Foreign Policy decisions (a good example is going to war with another country like the UK did with US when invading Iraq). It could add all kinds of dynamics to the game, domestic unrest, a drain on taxes due to military funding, loss of political support etc.

check out my post on Democracy 2 for my ideas on foreign relations.