Political Party Name Suggestions

I’ve always been interested in names of things – creating lists of interesting character names for games where you have various interactive characters (e.g. Rimworld, X Com, etc) to games where you get to name things like cities, planets, etc (Civilization, Stellaris, etc).

Here are some potentially interesting names, all from real parties around the world (current or defunct):

  • Alliance of Democrats for Integral Development
  • Socialist Pact for Renewal
  • Alliance for Revival
  • Patriotic Front for Change
  • National Salvation Front
  • Labour and Solidarity Party
  • National Conscience Party
  • Moral Congress
  • New Vision Party
  • Party for Social Renewal
  • National Restoration Party
  • Popular Vanguard Party
  • Vision with Values Party
  • Innovation and Unity Party
  • People’s Revolutionary Party
  • Open Democratic Party
  • National Mandate Party
  • New Economics Party
  • Working Families Party
  • Humanist Party
  • Justice First
  • National Bloc
  • National Voice
  • League of Nationalist Action
  • Rights and Freedoms Party

Anyways, just some random ones. I don’t think I duplicated anything in there currently…

I’d add on to this that adding “the” at the start of the party name is unnecessary and makes it difficult to read the party’s name. They should also be in alphabetical order.

There are lots of good party names from around the world which could be used as well as/instead of the random sounding ones.

People’s Action Party
Farmer’s Party
Freedom Front Plus