Political Views!

Basically a thread to chat about what do you believe it’s right politically and it’s intended to be a civil conversation!

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Sentences are my archnemesis.

I’ve never meet a centrist before, not many acknowledges the importance of conservatism, liberalism, socialism and capitalism especially when they’re a different political wing altogether!

I like to see things from all sides of a view and then make my decision after considering my morals as well. Maybe that will be the wise decision?

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I believe so, as long as it doesn’t devolve into “Maybe if you’d listen to me, but you aren’t”

I hope not as well!

Did the discussion fall short because of topic change? :joy:

Could be? You could tell me your political ideas and we could continue?

I don’t get gender inequality

How so?

There’s people who want to hold onto the belief that women should just be baby-making machines and stay home all day. :broken_heart:

Hmmm…that’s true. Although those people who do make lots of babies win the numbers game?

I wonder aswell.

Yes, quite so.