Poll : Tutorial ?

Is the tutorial / information supplied in the manual sufficient ?

  • Yes. All details where very easy to get.
  • Yes. I still had to search a bit but it was alright
  • No. The informations where usefull, but I still had to do lots of research / forum reading.
  • No. The game would benefit a LOT from a better step by step tutorial
  • No. The game would benefir a lot from a more detailed manual (screensshots. Orders /mecanism explications)

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Hello !

I fell that if the help information at first play are very usefull, the tutorial mission is really not enough. I would rather have a few different mission going slowly : One ship against one, then slowy growing a bit more. Some missions focusing on armor, some on fighter use, or various orders…

I fear that some potential players might be missing this when trying the demo, and thus not buying the game. And to be honest, the more people buy the game, the better it is for those who already have it because Cliffski will have more ressource to decicate on it. (if he wishes to continue).

So basically : what to you think about that tutorial thing ? If you think that something is needed, what should be done ?
The idea behind that is that we could create a number tutorial challenge with explanations. And then up to Cliffski to decide if he wants to include it in the official release !

i think that 90% of the game are pretty self-explanatory and the tutorial just about covers it and gives you enough time for your brain to catch on with the new thing

i was building pretty nice designs and fielding them without any significant problems within few hours of starting to play the game, and as far as module functionality goes, you pretty much figure out everything after playing few missions and/or challenges

the forum gives pretty much all the more detailed technical info too,alltho i wouldnt mind having a consolidated thread for it

Or a wiki, or someone sitting down and compiling a FAQ ?

To this day, I still use the tutorial mission to test certain types of group tactics. It’s a known quantity, so it’s a little easier to troubleshoot stuff.

Giving it some thought, the only improvement I could see on this would be a second “tutorial” mission, with its normal mode slightly tougher than the basic tutorial, and a lesser increase for the Hard and Expert modes. But balancing the budget might be a wee bit fiddly, since if you make it too easy players could unlock way too much stuff really early on.

In all honesty, I can’t imagine a step-by-step tutorial for GSB. Unlike so many other games, it’s just not that complicated to learn the “how”. And using a step-by-step for much more than “Here’s how to use the interfaces” would interfere with the learning of “why” (as in, why use this module instead of that one), since that’s very much a matter of individual taste.