[poll] what to use instead of CL/ion

what to use instead of CL/ion

  • nothing - dont use them much anyways
  • QB/RFL - at least they r almost the same
  • beams - ok all around… now if we can only penetrate that shield…
  • tribe howitzer/autogun - that is all
  • plasma/missile - if we cant go in for the kill, stay out for the kill

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what would you use as the weapon of choice if CL/ion are not allowed?

plz vote



Fast Missile fleets FTW


If you take out rush, then the game will just be long range spam.

MWM Spams, Plasma Spams, every fleet under 0.1 speed, armor tanks, lures… Wait it was already like that in the now dead competitive play. Fleet with 6 MWM per ship could already crush CL rush like nothing.

Already huh…

Guess it’s a good thing I dont do competitive play :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhm… QB/RFL???

I went with QB/RFL because they’re relatively cheap. Not so much in terms of module cost, but in support cost. The much-maligned Quantum Blaster and the Rapid Fire Laser require such tiny investments in power and crew that I find they are often very useful in filling small gaps (“Well, I have one hardpoint, 3.2 power and 6 crew left.”) I’m not saying they’re the most effective things in the game, but they’re far from useless.